The higher water content in canned food means your pet can enjoy a larger portion per meal, without adding more calories to their diet. This can help keep your pet at a healthy weight. The hydration that comes from canned food can help your pet avoid common medical problems like urinary tract infections (UTIs).

How to use it ?

In case of cats give one or two table spoon whether directly or on the dry food by mixing on that. In case of dog and puppies give an optimum amount like half can one time or less depending upon age ,size and breed of the pet


  •  Never give wet food or canned food as a primary diet give it as a treat after an interval of at least a week .Giving wet food wet food regularly or as a primary diet may disturb the stomach of pet because of high protein components .
  • After opening the pouch or can keep it in a refrigerator during summer and at room temperature during winters.
  • After opening once try to finish the pouch or can in 2 to 3 days as it may expire soon after opening.
  • When not opened you can keep it till the expiry in room temperature.
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